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have an influence on sth.have an impact on sth.have an effect on sth.

【一】产生影响1. exert an influence 例句:This rejuvenated economy will turn its face to the people.复苏的经济将对人民产生影响.2. have an effect on 例句:Society begins to have an impact on the developing child.开始对成长中的孩子产生影响

have an affect on have an influence on

对什么造成影响?What's the impact?What impact?

have an effect on 英[h?v ?n i?fekt ?n] 美[h?v ?n ??f?kt n] [释义] 对…有影响,对…起作用,产生效果; [网络] 对起作用; [例句]All of these will have an effect on the measurable temperature range, accuracy and reliability of the readings. 所有的这些因素都会给温度的测量范围,测量进度和读数的准确度带来影响.

是have an effect on 我是英语老师 希望能帮到你的英语

There are some of the effects of.

make a difference; affect;interfere with one's study 影响学习;be influenced by the weather受到气候影响;

你好!do harm to 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

cause damage todo harm tohurt somebodybe harmful to 看几个例句吧Don't upset yourself -- no harm has been done.不要难过--并没有造成伤害.Exposure of the body to strong sunlight can be harmful.身体受烈日暴晒会造成伤害.The shot went

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