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歌曲名称 : I Believe(爱比例唔) 呵呵

Kate Havnevik - Solo da da da da da da da du du du du da da da da da da da du du du du I know it's late but i wanted to call No everything is fine There's nothing wrong Just needed to talk I hoped you would answer this time 'Co...



应该是(女神之舞)QQ音乐里搜。我刚看沙宝亮唱无敌时,找到的 。

This Song Saved My Life - Simple Plan I wanna star to letting you know this Because of you my life has a purpose You helped me be who I am today I see myself in every word you say Sometimes it feels like nobody gets me Trapped ...

Frankie J-I Promise You. [00:02.53]i promise that you'll never be alone [00:17.93]this house will always be your home [00:21.31]and our hearts will always beat as one [00:24.22]as long as i can breathe i swear [00:27.68]i promi...

那首歌是sanna nielsen演唱的Uodo

很明显是Taio cruz feat.Kylie minogue&Travie McCoy的Higher!副歌是It's taking me higher,higher off the ground! 希望我的回答对你有帮助~


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