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取决于你 It's up to you 重点词汇释义 取决于rest with; turn on; lie on; rest 双语例句 1、很大程度上取决于你选择哪种配料。除了亲口品尝和动手尝试外,没有别的方法。 Much depends on which individual ingredients you choose. There is ...

depend on/upon sth 取决于 词汇解释: depend|dɪˈpend| (VERB) 取决(于);有赖(于) If you say that one thing depends on another, you mean that the first thing will be affected or determined by the second. 双语例句: Does t...

That depends on your decision .

depend on =rely on

取决于 [词典] rest with; turn on; lie on; rest; [例句]我们对事物的概念在很大程度上取决于我们的感觉。 How we conceptualize things has a lot to do with what we feel

我是否正确取决于我 Whether I'm right or not depends on me 我是否正确取决于我 Whether I'm right or not depends on me

 You can learn English well or not depents on your chose.

How ever you may work hard, you depends on how much you want!

und the little harbor were shabby stre

up to depend on 都是常用的例:除此以外还取决于其他两个因素。But it also depends on two other factors.It's up to you 由你决定.

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