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取决于你 It's up to you 重点词汇释义 取决于rest with; turn on; lie on; rest 双语例句 1、很大程度上取决于你选择哪种配料。除了亲口品尝和动手尝试外,没有别的方法。 Much depends on which individual ingredients you choose. There is ...

取决于英语可以翻译成:rest with、turn on、lie on、consist、depending on。 1、rest with 英 [rest wið] 美 [rɛst wɪð] 在于, 取决于。 示例:Usually, I would keep the best for myself, and share the rest with oth...

depend on =rely on

That depends on your decision .

取决于 [词典] rest with; turn on; lie on; rest; [例句]我们对事物的概念在很大程度上取决于我们的感觉。 How we conceptualize things has a lot to do with what we feel

我是否正确取决于我 Whether I'm right or not depends on me 我是否正确取决于我 Whether I'm right or not depends on me

取决于你:Depends on you 单词分析: depend 英 [dɪˈpend] 美 [dɪˈpɛnd] vi. 依赖;依靠;信赖;决定于 第三人称单数: depends 现在分词: depending 过去式: depended 过去分词: depended on 英[ɒn] 美[ɑ:n] pr...

“我对你的态度取决于你怎么对我”的英语是: My attitude to you depends on how you treat me. 态度 1、含义:[tài du] n. manner ; attitude 2、短语: 工作态度:Job Attitude ; Work Attitude ; Attitude ; working attitude 自然态度:Natur...

一个人的成功与否主要取决于他有多勤奋,而不是他有多聪明 The success of a person depends mainly on how hard he is, not how smart he is

Your desire determines your effort or The stronger the desire, the greater the effort

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