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取决于英语可以翻译成:rest with、turn on、lie on、consist、depending on。 1、rest with 英 [rest wið] 美 [rɛst wɪð] 在于, 取决于。 示例:Usually, I would keep the best for myself, and share the rest with oth...

取决于你用英语说是:It's up to you up to的意思是:一直到;相当于;忙于…,在做…;由…决定的 例句 However, I leave this up to you. 不过,我将把这些留给您自己去完成。 扩展资料 其他说法 It depends on you. 这取决于你 depend on 取决于...

depend on =rely on

That depends on your decision .

取决于 [词典] rest with; turn on; lie on; rest; [例句]我们对事物的概念在很大程度上取决于我们的感觉。 How we conceptualize things has a lot to do with what we feel

up to depend on 都是常用的例:除此以外还取决于其他两个因素。But it also depends on two other factors.It's up to you 由你决定.

一个人的成功与否主要取决于他有多勤奋,而不是他有多聪明 The success of a person depends mainly on how hard he is, not how smart he is

我是否正确取决于我 Whether I'm right or not depends on me 我是否正确取决于我 Whether I'm right or not depends on me

“我对你的态度取决于你怎么对我”的英语是: My attitude to you depends on how you treat me. 态度 1、含义:[tài du] n. manner ; attitude 2、短语: 工作态度:Job Attitude ; Work Attitude ; Attitude ; working attitude 自然态度:Natur...

The expressions they use may depend on who they talk to. 他们所使用的表达方式可能取决于他们和谁说话

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