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英语作文 写骑自行车上学的好处以及注意事项

Riding a bike to school has been my choice of transportation for years. I really recommend that everybody should do it!As known, environmental protection is such an urgent issue that everyone of us should be careful with what we do. Riding a bick to

Bicycle riding has many advantages. It is the least expensive way of traveling apart from walking. If you travel by bicycle, you don't have to buy gas as you must when you drive cars. Besides, it develops much less mechanical troubles than a car.

It is a kind of exercise and it reduces the heavy burden of the bus. But we need to watch out and pay attention to the traffic and other transportation.

bicycles are important transport. there are many advantages to go to school by bike. firstly, it is cheap and fast when your home isn't far from school. secondly, it is a good way to exercise and it can make you strong and healthy. thirdly, when you go to

Riding a bike is the least expensive way to travel around,and it can be of great benefit to our health,however,safety must come first when we ride a bike.We must keep on going the special lane for bicycle and take care of the traffic lights and

Dear Andrew,I am glad to learn that you will be coming over to China to study for two months. You asked in your letter what transportation you should take to travel to school. I suggest that the best way to go to school is by bike. It is because a bike is

亲爱的楼主:Bike is a popular means of transportation .It is a friendly environment transport tool.I like riding bikes when go travelling or go shopping.Nowdays motor cars are increasingly popular but I think it will cause a lot of damage to us .First it

Today, riding a bicycle to school I went to school, although very tired from cycling, but cycling is good for us. Good 1: to exercise, our body more healthy. Advantage 2: to physical and mental pleasure, so we have a happy mood. Benefits 3: Can I put a

The Advantage of Bike Cycling First,bike cycling is the cheapest way of travelling apart from walking.You don't need to buy tickets at the bus station.And you don't need to buy petrols either.The only thing you need to do is just to buy a bicycle.Second

我的自行车 我有一个漂亮的自行车.我妈妈给我买了它.自行车是非常漂亮.我喜欢它.它是蓝色和黑色.自行车是小,但我可以骑自行车速度非常快.我通常骑我的自行车,路过花园,街道,乡镇,桥梁,公园和图书馆.这自行车是我的'好朋友'.我喜欢

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