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All tEArs是什么意思

all tears 一切泪水 双语例句 1. Now my throats soar, my eyes are dry all tears gone from me missing you I fall asleep holding my pillow, wonder if you thought about me tonight. 现在我的喉咙飙升,我的眼睛是干的我想念你,我睡着了...

All alone I have started my journey 我独自踏上旅程 To the darkness of darkness I go 前方一片迷朦 With a reason, I stopped for a moment 当一切化只剩美好回忆 In this world full of pleasure so frail 我迈开脚步不再等 Town after tow...

《Wasting All These Tears》 歌手:Cassadee Pope 所属专辑:《Wasting All These Tears》 发行时间:2013-06-04 歌词: I tried to find you at the bottom of the bottle 我试图在瓶底找寻你的身影 Lying down on the bathroom floor 胸口紧...

英译文如下: May your tears are tears of joy after all.

Dido - Thank you my tea's gone cold 我的茶凉了 I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all 我不知道自己为什么还要起床 the morning rain ..


歌曲名:One Day 歌手:MatisYahu 语言:英语 所属专辑:Light 发行时间:2009-08-25 One Day - MatisYahu sometimes I lay under the moon and thank ...

意思是:流下了所有的眼泪了,从现在开始要坚强了! 典型的中文式英语,呵呵

Superheroes - The Script(手稿乐队) All her life she has seen All the meaner side of me...

雨和眼泪是相同的 我是按字面翻的,估计不对

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