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how do you come to school 你怎么来学校的? How do you come to school? -By bike. 你怎样来上学?骑自行车。

How do you come to school 你怎么来学校

你怎么来的学校 这句话不对 应该是 HOW do you go to school?

come/go to school 固定搭配 “来/去上学” come/go to the school 来/去学校(只是到学校这个地方去,不一定是上学)

howdoyoucometoschooljoe 你怎么来上学乔

I usually go to school by bus every week.Because it is too far for me to walk there and taking the bus is best way to arrive at school on time. Sometimes,I also ride a bike.But it means I have to get up very early,otherwise I w...

Do you know how students go to school Most students go to school by bike .Some students go to school by bus or by car .But sometiimes there are many car on the road .It takes you a long time to go to school .A few students go t...



I always come to school by bus and walking a little way every day.

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