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歌曲:No 歌手:安室奈美惠 专辑:安室奈美恵 - No作词:Nao'ymt作曲:Nao'ymtYeah 2005 babyNu Style This is not fakeC'mon最近どんな感じ?気付けば在り来たり髪型変えてもnothin' Boy tell mewhat you're thinkin'街を歩けば your friends噂...

Say no准确来说不是一个单词,是个短语, Say是“说”的意思;no是“不”的意思,所以 Say no的意思是“说不”“不同意,不批准,不认可“的意思。

say no 拒绝;否定;否认;不批准

I wouldn't say no 我不会说不 双语对照 词典结果: I wouldn't say no (非正式)[表示同意]好的; 例句: 1. I wouldn't say no to a rain check. 再来一次我可不反对。 2. Well, I wouldn't say no to a holiday on the beach. 嗯,我倒挺愿意...

恋爱サーキュレーション - 花泽香菜 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/wXuT8vfWego/isRenhe=1 那个第一句是せーの,日语里喊号子的“一,二,三,开始0那么个意思。

Agenais(Verse 1) As I sit with the sun falling Over the hayfields by the river A little hand reached out And touched me And stole my heart away And I followed into a labyrinth Of gold and rose red colour And then I heard such...

你试试看,是不是no one?歌手:alicia keys 或者歌曲:jane doe 歌手:alicia keys 专辑:songs in a minor歌曲:make her say 歌手:kid cudi 专辑:man on the moon: th


Fly Project Toca Toca LQ teledyski+tekst 快谢谢我

To say no to racism 拒绝(抵制)种族歧视 双语对照 例句: 1. You can say no without feeling guilty. 你能够对别人说“不”,且没有罪恶感。 2. We think and over-think things and say no a lot. 我们考虑且过虑,说很多“不”。 3. This is no...

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